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Zoo Airlines is a Yurkish airline headquartered in Vabam. Since June 1, 2019 the airline is no longer active but still exists.

It was established on January 4, 1944 as Backoytte Airlines. On January 7, 1947 this changed to Vabam Airlines. The current name has been used since 1997, although its logo had been in use since 1947.

Zoo Airlines is the parent of the video game company Zoo Airlines Games.

Logo history[]

1947 - September 11, 2001[]

Zoo Airlines logo 1947.PNG

Originally made by Zazn. Bombactive. Became the official logo in 1997 after the most recent name change.

September 11, 2001 - October 6, 2001[]

Zoo Airlines September.PNG

October 6, 2001 -[]

Zoo Airlines Logo.PNG