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The Yurkish Navy is the Yurkish naval branch which along with the other national navies are part of Friendly Ally.

List of ships[redigera | redigera wikitext]

Name ID In ownership since
Lanker Ship NAVYNVT-F501 2011
NVT-F6 Pirate Ship NAVYNVT-F601 2014
NVT-F7 Pirate Ship NAVYNVT-F701 2014
NVT-F8 Star Pirate Ship NAVYNVT-F801 2014
Nécuh-Vallas NAVYNVT-F901 2011
Y/S Maria NAVYNVT-FA01 2012
CLBV-39134 The Stuck Ship NAVYNVT-FB01 2021
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