Reconstruction Republic of Yurka (Yurkish: Recourstení Repúblike dü Yürka), commonly known as Yurkish Empire was a Yurkish democratic empire that to its fullest extent occupied the current landmass of Yurka, parts of Pitonia, Tý Áeen, Niceland and some islands of Siitfo. It was the sixth federation according to a Yurkish tradition.

History[redigera | redigera wikitext]

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After the original The Piton Leaders was founded, parts of the country were lost (especially in the northernmost areas) but they failed to take down the empire. In 1836, Talrs occupied the northernmost areas of the empire which lasted until 1927 when the empire occupied some of the areas again. After a time, parts of the empire were given to other countries. In 1936 the empire was renamed from Anti-Socialist Yurkish Empire to Reconstruction Republic of Yurka because the government wanted to dissolve the empire. In 1990, Olkov Armiv said "It's time to dissolve this old empire. We'll work on it for a while.".

December 31, 1991 was the last day the empire existed as a sovereign entity. Starting from January 1, 1992, Yurka would succeed the empire while the latter would continue existing as a non-sovereign entity, which lasted all the time till June 21, 2014 which is when the nationwide Yurkish region law was applied.

Thus, along with Democratic Republic of Aisi, they are the only countries that existed throughout the entire Pitonian-Yurkish conflict.

Full names[redigera | redigera wikitext]

  • (–1929) Democratic Empire of Yurka (Yurkish: Democrate Empïré dé Yürka)
    • Yurka has always been democratic, even before anyone else did. The Yurkish name uses pre-reform words; only Yürka remains in use.
  • (1929–1936) Anti-Socialist Yurkish Empire (Yurkish: Anti-solice Empïré dú Yürka)
    • "Anti-Socialist" in this context means democratic. The Yurkish name uses pre-reform words; Anti is still used, dú whenever the acute accent is needed and of course Yürka
  • (1936–1991) Reconstruction Republic of Yurka (Yurkish: Recourstení Repúblike dü Yürka)
    • All words are still in use today
    • Also to note, starting from this point, the country would be commonly known as just Yurka (Yurkish: Yürka)
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