This wiki contains most information about VanaSWE characters, like Olkov Armiv, Jaim Pal Påssaision and Rsoa Jursi, for example, and even VanaSWE himself. There's still lots to add, so be aware that some pages might be incomplete.
This wiki is intended to document most, if not, all VanaSWE material, for future references.

Some pages, like the main page, VanaSWE and Olkov Armiv, are protected because they are important to the wiki. Get it?
Also, we don't source or reference most of the content here, so if you remove such content, you might get blocked if it's possible to do so. (Read the user policy before starting to edit.)
However, it might not apply to everyone.

(English) Welcome to YaberOlan Wiki, a wiki (pretty much). We have existed at least since December 25, 2010. So far, 7 514 pages have been created. This wiki is mostly covering VanaSWE material, but other material is also covered here. If you create an account (or already have one), you will receive the ability to upload photos among more... If you want to find a page much quicker, click on this link. This wiki is in both English and Swedish. VanaSWE can speak both languages fairly well, although he is a native speaker of Swedish, as he is both born and lives in Sweden.

(Svenska) Välkommen till YaberOlan Wiki, en wiki (helt enkelt). Vi har funnits åtminstone sedan den 25 december 2010. 7 514 artiklar har skapats än så länge. Den här wikin dokumenterar mest VanaSWE-material, men det finns också material om en hel del andra saker. Om du skapar ett konto så kan du få tillgång till att lägga till bilder och mer. Om du vill hitta en artikel mycket snabbare, gå till denna länk. Den här wikin är både på engelska och svenska. VanaSWE kan prata båda språken, men har svenska som modersmål, då han både är född och bor i Sverige.

VanaSWE Network of Websites
Wikis: YaberOlan Wiki | Lols Wiki | Beetle Adventure Racing! Wiki

Google Sites: Vana's Palace | Beetle Adventure Racing!* | Beetle Adventure Racing! VanaSWE Asset Website

Other: Globe Television (Thevmedia) Wix Site

* - Beetle Adventure Racing! still exists to ensure compatibility with some images on Vana's Palace where it's uncertain what will exactly happen to the images should the old site be deleted.

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