Thevmedia's Globe Television site was a VanaSWE Wix website that was used as Thevmedia's official real website when they were still known as Globe Television, from late 2011 to as late as May 31, 2012.

Some time after May 31, 2012, most of the site's content except for the images disappeared as a result of Globe Television moving to Facebook but the site itself remained.

The site continued to exist until at least December 31, 2020.

What remained of the site[redigera | redigera wikitext]

The logo was updated to say Thevmedia, and all pages said:

Page not found
We have moved to Facebook.

This was also present somewhere on the site:

There is no text. The reason can be due to problems with text.

However, the following information could be extracted from Google cache:

United Airlines Flight 175 flyger in i World Trade Center:s södra torn den 11 september 2001 klockan 9:03.
En olycka på gamla Riksväg 29 i januari 1994. Den här tankbilen hade dieselolja som föll ner i Mieån, vilket orsakade problem. Det tog tid innan vattnet blev rent igen. Sommaren 2004 invigdes en ny sträcka som ersätte den här vägen. Gamla vägen finns fortfarande, men på grund av den nya vägen så är vissa delar ombyggda.

Other information found:

Globe Television, Hem, English: Globe Television is a computer company founded in 1987 as Globe Pictures Television. Renamed Globe Television in 2002.Svenska: Globe Television är ett datorföretag som grundades 1987 som Globe Pictures Television.
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