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Statmoil on June 2, 2004
Statmoil on June 2, 2004
Location in Vallas Region
Location in Vallas Region

Statmoil (Japanese: ノルウェー·ハブ Noruu~ē· habu, Norwegian-Moil) is a town in Vallas Region. Previously Zooväg 7 went right through the town. It is connected with Toyote. Statmoil Boxes and Zoo-Oil are based here. On June 28, 2014 it had a population of 91 556 people, on June 6, 2015 it had increased to 100 197.

Name explanation Redigera

General Redigera

"Statmoil" is "Statoil" with a "m" before the "o". However, a story entry that was once canon says that the namesake were these two:

And that we can save forever is Statoil in Mastership
Statmoil' the tank. It is named after me.

Full name Redigera

"Huwiu Statmoil Vjwer Iosdi" is Yurkish and means "The Locality of Statmoil via Motorway", or "Tätorten Statmoil via motorväg" in Swedish. Whereas the old name, "Huwiu Statmoil Iosdi", means "The Locality of Statmoil with Motorway", or "Tätorten Statmoil med motorväg" in Swedish.

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