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This person's second birth name is a Yurkish name. Acalysòn is a patronymic, not a family name, this person is referred to by the given name Gyin in contexts using the second birth name.

Ltmo Rtýo Marivv Jaosap Johnsáistër (Pitonian: Ltm<o Rtý<o Mari!vv Ja!!osap Johnsáistër, born Gyin Yuita Nami Nomin/Gyin Acalysòn and commonly known as Rn. Johnsáistër was a Pitonian-born Yurkish resident, later on a Regular Neutral member.


Early life[]

Ltmo was born Gyin Yuita Nami Nomin (second birth name: Gyin Acalysòn) on February 18, 1968 in the Yurkish-Pitonian village of O!im!ov to Acaly Nomin and Zei Nomin (both 1930-2015). He had two brothers, Besn Johnsáistër (1968-2014) and Lib Nomin (1979-2015).

Most of his early life is unknown.


In 1998-1999, Johnsáistër was in the process of joining Friendly Ally, but upon reaching the final stage, he was kidnapped by three Regular Neutral members and sent to Pitonian Vameston Base. He was forced to convert to Pitonlism and join Regular Neutral instead. Over time, he became more and more brainwashed, and was forced to become a burglar in order to not get evicted.


Johnsáistër is killed by Guild Hall Masterchéif

Against his own will, Johnsáistër participated in the First Battle of Nartyork. He was placed in Piton Group 403. By this point he realized there was no turning back.

After spending some time on the field, he spotted COBRA RASTER and started following after him, managing to destroy him after a few minutes. He went on to attack Bots.NL Itobstihi who was close enough, eventually resulting in Johnsáistër being killed, by Guild Hall Masterchéif.


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