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Yurka used to be divided into not only a huge amount of regions, but also grand regions and sub-regions.


  • early 2015: Some grand parishes became part of other regions (Nichel, Sézajna and Zal, for example).
  • 2015-06-01: The creation of district parishes in Capital Region, Jallas Region and Vallas Region
    • In addition to that, Vallas Region changes its name from Sécauhninehi.
  • 2015-07-01: A lot of regions are affected by this reform:
    • Certain grand parishes became part of other regions.
      • Capital Region gains a bunch of grand parishes from southern Vallas Region plus Kaiwau and Sejn-mai from Nartyork District.
      • Jallas Region gains some grand parishes from Vallas Region.
    • More grand parishes have been created.
    • Some regions had their names changed:
    • Four districts were promoted to regions:
  • 2016-07-01: As part of an agreement to make enclaves and exclaves part of a country that surrounds/borders them, Federal Yurk Oblast and Kosbovpso are transferred to Uhant and Niceland respectively.
  • 2017-07-01: This reform affects regions and their grand parishes, but the process will be slow.
    • Naru Cì becomes the seat of the grand parish of the same name.
      • The grand parish had existed prior to the reform, but it wasn't applied to Yurkish maps.
    • Ïvspörte Region became an autonomous region under the name of Léivitelja.
  • 2018-06-19: In preparation for the July 1 reforms:
  • 2018-07-01: A reform is applied starting from this date, but its details are currently unknown
  • 2019-07-01: A reform is applied starting from this date, but its details are currently unknown
  • 2019-08-01: Bév Mechkína and Testers became autonomous regions due to historical reasons and the fact that they were not affected by the region name reform of 2015-07-01

Grand regions[]

Yurka grand regions.PNG



An early attempt to organize Yurka in as few regions as possible. Some divisions of the unorganized region northwest of Captial Region (later spelt Capital Region) exist. It seems that Nichel was always intended to be part of Capital Region.

Some regions that existed in the past:


An old division that was abolished by July 1, 2019.


Some of Yurka's territory in terms of the sub-regions were disputed territories.

Present day[]

Yurka as a whole is divided into 47 autonomous regions as of March 1, 2021:

Name Territory Seat Number
4ALP Yurka territory map - 4ALP.png Sÿithúnlqo Y-R-001
Al'puya Yurka territory map - Al'puya.png Sÿ'ya Y-R-002
Bernia Yurka territory map - Bernia.png Candila Y-R-003
Biyeconte County Yurka territory map - Biyeconte County.png Biyeconte Y-R-004
Bév Mechkína Yurka territory map - Bév Mechkína.png Bév Meliofáró Y-R-005
Bustwood Strip Yurka territory map - Bustwood Strip.png Bustwood Y-R-006
City of Vabam Yurka territory map - City of Vabam.png Vabam Y-R-007
Ćayata Yurka territory map - Ćayata.png L'iëc Y-R-008
C̈ebtica Yurka territory map - C̈ebtica.png Énbayijc Y-R-009
Deuie Islands Yurka territory map - Deuie Islands.png Fort Harald Y-R-010
Dénzai Yurka territory map - Dénzai.png Prankaloil Y-R-027
Eûqrè County Yurka territory map - Eûqrè County.png Déchs lá Bïda
Eýlrwn Yurka territory map - Eýlrwn.png Ewxrỳ Y-R-031
Fabamrivá County Yurka territory map - Fabamrivá County.png Qylô Y-R-048
Federation of Èyqûjé Yurka territory map - Federation of Èyqûjé.png Pallas Y-R-011
Gavaskog County Yurka territory map - Gavaskog County.png Gavaskog Y-R-012
Ǵwyi County Yurka territory map - Ǵwyi County.png Ǵwyi Y-R-013
Haunster County Yurka territory map - Haunster County.png Haunster Y-R-047
Häslö Peninsula Yurka territory map - Häslö Peninsula.png Häslö Y-R-014
Jaguö Archipelago Yurka territory map - Jaguö Archipelago.png Redö Y-R-015
Jallas County Yurka territory map - Jallas County.png Jallas Y-R-016
Jín-mai County Yurka territory map - Jín-mai County.png Jín-mai Y-R-017
Karlsholm County Yurka territory map - Karlsholm County.png Karlsholm Y-R-018
Keioaanzi County Yurka territory map - Keioaanzi County.png Keioaanzi Y-R-019
Kiewuland Yurka territory map - Kiewuland.png Kiewu
Latvian Léivitelja Yurka territory map - Latvian Léivitelja.png New Riga Y-R-020
Léivitelja Yurka territory map - Léivitelja.png Oumamlette Y-R-021
Lugo County Yurka territory map - Lugo County.png Repo City Y-R-033
Ma'uná Yurka territory map - Ma'uná.png Uná'mú Town Y-R-022
Nartyork County Yurka territory map - Nartyork County.png Nartyork Y-R-034
Nichelland Yurka territory map - Nichelland.png Nichel Y-R-023
Nicihinio Yurka territory map - Nicihinio.png Ticaeva Y-R-024
Nicht Isle Yurka territory map - Nicht Isle.png Meer Beobachter Y-R-025
Notophemgi Yurka territory map - Notophemgi.png Notophemgi City Y-R-026
Novogaei County Yurka territory map - Novogaei County.png Novogaei Y-R-049
Péiznirh County Yurka territory map - Péiznirh County.png Fégihnata Y-R-030
Pratitra Yurka territory map - Pratitra.png Flakvid Y-R-028
Route Down County Yurka territory map - Route Down County.png Route Down Y-R-036
Sánithau County Yurka territory map - Sánithau County.png Pobmplca Y-R-035
Sécauhninehi Yurka territory map - Sécauhninehi.png St. Vallas
Ston County Yurka territory map - Ston County.png Jameston Y-R-037
Tallas County Yurka territory map - Tallas County.png Tallas Y-R-038
Tayotros County Yurka territory map - Tayotros County.png Tayotros Y-R-039
Testers Yurka territory map - Testers.png Town Testers Y-R-040
Transmatia Yurka territory map - Transmatia.png Rackarstocken Y-R-041
Túvneisuh Yurka territory map - Túvneisuh.png Huffinton
Valvainja Yurka territory map - Valvainja.png Tavaropa Y-R-043
Veivuo County Yurka territory map - Veivuo County.png Veivuo Y-R-044
Östhuva County Yurka territory map - Östhuva County.png Östhuva Y-R-045

Former regions and autonomous regions:

Name Territory Seat Code
Capital Region Yurka v191101-1 - Capital Region.png Vabam CR
Federal Yurk Oblast Falseous - Ruymka.png Betaz FYO
Greater Vabam Region Yurka v190501-1 - Greater Vabam Region.png Vabam
St. Vallas
Route Down
Ǵwyi Council Ǵwyi Council.png Ǵwyi ǴYC
Jallas Region Yurka v2 - Jallas Region.png Jallas JA
Jaxokpid Region Yurka v2 - Jaxokpid Region.png Jaxokpid JX
Kosbovpso Wája Yio Manja Test Site.png Kosbovpso KO
Pallas-Veivuo Region Yurka v190501-1 - Pallas-Veivuo Region.png Pallas
Vallas Region Yurka v2 - Vallas Region.png St. Vallas

Proposed regions (current and former):

Name Territory Seat Code/Number
Otsk Area Yurka territory map - Otsk Area.png Otsk
Tvoyndtré Region Yurka v190701-1 - Tvoyndtré Region.png St. Vallas


Region Name of governor
Bustwood Strip Jack Boseman
Route Down County Jaim Pal Påssaision