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Prison Building Part 2 is the second part of Prison Building.

Despite its name, it's more of a behind the scenes video of Part 1, showcasing the different areas (albeit with a slightly different setup).

The song Spitfire by The Prodigy was intended for this part, but was removed due to a very early implementation of VanaSWE's strict copyright policy.


YouTube description[]


Prison Building Part 2

Part 2 will show you parts of Prison Map. The used areas, the visible areas and a few more. You will see some secrets I did there.


Welcome to the walkthrough of Prison Building! This is a newer version of Prison Building. Changes can be seen.
Remember that one? I think you do. In Part 1, you can see it before the movie ends.
Those Jaguar Jeeps are driving like they did in Part 1.
In Part 1, they had "ASF 128" and "MAB 285". Those are not seen here. The original textures of these cars are still in my computer and they are used at the moment.
"Space terminals. Nah they are just there."
There we have that hacked one again, as well the tower in the background.
Let's go inside to the Prison Building.
To the right, is the room where Olkov did start in Part 1.
This room cannot be accessed because there's no door. It's located where the tower is.
This room looks unchanged. It is the same in Part 1, just that I have replaced the original texture with those space computers.
Let's take this black jeep to the away road.
Same in Part 1, just that this beginning part is never seen at all or recorded.
Okay, let's warp to special places.
This area isn't used or seen in Part 1.
There is a picture taken there, showing these two jeeps.
The flowers and the trees are placed incorrectly, so they might look a little bit weird.
This is the tower. It was seen in Part 1 but Olkov never did go up there. It was so.
These two guys, they have been in the tower since Part 1.