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Prison Building Part 1 is the first part of Prison Building.


YouTube description[]


Prison Building Part 1


Olkov Armiv finds himself in a building named Prison Building, located outside of Silam in Yurka. He discovers some weird things when 
searching around.¨

When watching on the movie, you can notice some things:
* For some reason, the terminal to the right takes longer time to shut down.
* The second terminal is located near the door and that's why it says "It sucks".
* A floor can be seen, but it doesn't have a door. Two terminals are located in there.
* Inside the tower, there are two guards and a bench. Below this tower, there are  two unused terminals.
* Due to the placement of the cars, some has "ASF 128". One has it at 1:41. That is only usable by
the car with the bomb. "MAB 285" is a car to visitors. Also notice that the reg.sign is based on the Swedish one. The only change is the 
"S", replaced by the "Y".
* At 1:39, the tower with the two guards can be seen.
* A hacked jeep is missing at 2:01. It is seen at 3:08.
* Spelling error at 2:17. It says "Here it's it again". It should be: "Here is it again".
* Being killed by a Leopard doesn't work, even if it is still in there.

YouTube text[]

Ignore these things
Ignore this text
If there is something to notice, then I'll put these boxes.
He said: Fuck ass ball!
Tower visible


Where am I?
Looks like a building owned by my friends
Incoming Transmission
Lanker: "We have a lot of cars outside, and one of them has a bomb"
Okay, I do that. But what car?
Lanker: "The car with ASF 128"
Okay, I know that. But what's wrong with you?
Lanker: "Nothing"
Ending Transmission
It sucks
Let's go outside.
Leopard Jeeps?
MAB 285? What's that?
ASF 128? That is the car with the bomb
More cars
What's that in the background? Wait, it's the hacked Leopard Jeep who has to press forward and then backwards.
What the... I can't pass this line! Only cars can that!
Well I need to go back
Here it's it again
I'm tried
Let's take my car home
What the... Is that a Leopard that's following me?
It is dead now
What the... The hacked Leopard Jeep again?
Not again
To be continued