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This individual's birth name is a Yurkish name. The last name is a patronymic/matronymic, not a family name, this individual is referred to by the given name Nek in contexts using the Yurkish birth name.
While this person's international name is a Tai Vang Chinese name, Vang is the last name, not Tai.

Nek Eayian Ergert Gheoghsansòn, who later on would rename himself to the much more commonly known name Olkov James George Armiv or Tai Vang (the name intended for translation into all kinds of languages) was a Yurkish leader. He was the president of the reconstruction republic of Yurka from 1986 to 1991 and of Yurka from 1992 to 1999 and again from 2004 to July 1, 2015 when he stepped down fearing he would be considered a dictator had he continued holding the post.

During his lifetime he was a Friendly Ally Grand Master, the Falseousian Supervisor and the President of Thevmedia.

He was the last mayor of Vabam from 1998 to 2018. In 1986, when Rsoa Jursi held the post, Armiv did the name change of Vabam from Vebim.

Before and after his lifetime, he was/is in a natural form.

Olkov Armiv had mostly Yurkish Russian-Bulgarian ancestry, but also Yurkish Arabic ancestry (his grandparents and vëseisjzn).

Vanalker considers him to be the most important character in the Falseousian story.


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Olkov Armiv was born to Gheoghsan Armiv (1934-2014) and Taiosan Armiv (1922-1972).

He also had a twin brother, Alkov Armiv (1966-2011) and a younger brother, Talkov Armiv (1971-2002).


Armiv became extremely heartbroken when his relatives passed away yet could hold himself up.

However, he knew he wouldn't be able to hold up for too long.

Avicii's passing on April 20, 2018, though, disheartened Armiv to the point he got a heart failure. At 8:10:15 PM FTC±0, the (once) Yurkish leader passed away at the age of 51. He had played in Vabam Slices for 30 years. 25 minutes later came the announcement regarding his passing.


Olkov Armiv lived in Vabam, the capital city of Yurka. His former house (called Olkov Armiv's House) is located at 14 Olkov Street.

He could send out clones of himself, and let the clones do a job the real Olkov Armiv would not be able to do at the requested time.

Olkov Armiv could teleport from a location to another (in just some milliseconds), and also do some otherwise impossible things, like standing in the air as long as he wanted without falling down.

Olkov was always equipped with a white lightsaber in case he needed it.

Apart from Yurkish (and other Falseouian languages), English and Swedish, he could talk any language, including animal speech and so on...


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In Age of Empires II scenarios