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Screenshots are from Mario Power Tennis - All Character Trophy Celebrations on YouTube.

By adding pictures, you can see what really happens.

I used DIA to make the digits to work


  • DIA254 - Koopa Troopa
  • DIAYOSHI - Yoshi

Trophy Animations[]






On YouTube: 1:46 - 2:11

Yoshi's trophy animation begins with him entering the stage, where Luigi is about to present him his trophy.


He then begins to feel hungry and his stomach growls.


Mistaking the trophy for a pineapple...


...he leashes out with his tongue to eat the trophy...


...accidentally swallowing Luigi in the process.


Yoshi can then be seen wondering about Luigi's sudden disappearance.

Additional photos[]


Another picture.

RD - Rösta ned.PNG

At one time, I found the button "Rösta ned" (in Swedish) on the wrong place. And I also captured Yoshi!


A picture of Yoshi from the same scene looks like the previous one. And they were taken at the same time! This was going to be a white version, but I cancelled before it was finished.

YouTube - Thumbnail Yoshi.PNG

The thumbnails. These show the scenes I have never captured, but the second one and the last one resembles the ones captured above, but different frames. The last one is just going to end.




Bowser Jr.[]


Donkey Kong[]

Diddy Kong[]

On Youtube: 4:39 - 4:57

Diddy Kong's trophy animation begins with Luigi and Peach ready to hand out the trophy and Donkey Kong beating a simple beat on his Conga. Then Diddy Kong did a flip on stage and circles around Luigi. Luigi and Peach were fulled with curiosity Then Diddy uses his tail to throw the trophy from Luigi and flips to Donkey Kong's Conga.

Koopa Troopa[]

On YouTube: 5:00 - 5:22

Koopa Troopa's trophy animation begins with him entering the stage. Diddy Kong is eating bananas and he throws one on Koopa Troopa's path which causes problems, especially Luigi being hit by Koopa Troopa.


Koopa Paratroopa[]

Shy Guy[]

Fly Guy[]


On Youtube: 6:31 - 6:56

Wiggler's trophy animation begins with Luigi and Diddy Kong handing Wiggler the trophy when Diddy Kong forgets about a ball on Wiggler's path and causes him to slip. Luigi and Diddy Kong head on to check on Wiggler to make sure he is OK, but Diddy forgets about the tennis ball again and slips on Luigi and both collide on top of Wiggler who suddenly explodes in anger. Diddy and Luigi ran and screamed for dear life.

Petey Piranha[]