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Mario Golf: Championship Tour is a 2011 game for the Unga Wii and Unga Wii DD. It oddly didn't see an American release although it did get a extremely delayed Japanese release (there called Mario Golf Uii).

Unfinished boxart[]

wq2r32 "Mario Golf Championship Tour"
Wq2r32.PNG Mario Golf Championship Tour.PNG

A PNG image can be found in Vanalker's files, called wq2r32. It appears to be an earlier version of MG: CT's boxart. The differences are:

  • Only Bowser Jr., the Unga Wii DD logo and the PEGI 3 rating are on the wq2r32 boxart. The rest aren't there. Talking about Bowser Jr., he is where the company logos are on the final boxart.
  • The size of the wq2r32 boxart does not match the final one.
Mario Golf Championship Tour 2.PNG

Additionally, there is an earlier revision of the final cover. All it changes is the game's logo and the text part of Globe Television's logo.