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Mario Football 2011 is a game for the Unga Wii and Unga Wii DD. In United States, it is known as MFL 11, in Japan Mifa 11 and in Niceland Mario Soccer 11.




The game was intended to be released in North America as Super Mario Soccer 11, but was changed before release to MFL 11.

Dex 4 (public/display.20110803.144853)[]

The game was shown off at Dex 4, a Yurkish trade fair open to everyone, by Olkov Armiv. Since the developers used Google SketchUp and even included it in the game's engine, some elements had not been removed yet. As any other prototype, it is possible to freeze certain parts of the game.

Bowser Jr. is present in this prototype, and parts of him can be seen on the "Dex 4 Screenshot" photo.

Dex 4 Revised (public/revised.20110804.153745)[]

Same as public/display.20110803.144853, but the display is slightly different.

Debug Release (debug/modelactor.20110805.124957)[]

This prototype contains a model viewer.

Trailer Release (public/trailer.20110806.135748)[]

This prototype was used to create the trailer. A huge model of Mario is included, and it was meant to be present in the trailer, but was not because of its size.

Debug Release (debug/modelactor.20110808.184357)[]

Contains the model viewer featured in debug/modelactor.20110805.124957.

Development Release (public/display_web.20110809.143856)[]

This is the same as public/display.20110803.144853, but includes all of the features introduced in public/trailer.20110806.135748. It added some additional stuff like Bowser and a silver key, but both are off-screen.

Development Release (public/boxart.20110819.140547)[]

This prototype is used on the FG Box Art cover that Speed Jr. sent to fgboxart.com on August 29, 2011. It clearly states that Free Play is the only mode available in the game. For some reason, there is a non-existent company called Globe Television Games that have their name on the back cover.

SketchUp models[]

To do:
Cover the two other models.

football arena[]

The SketchUp model used by the game in the photos above. The name of the model used for the arena itself isn't available as of now, although it is a Swedish one as there are logos of Swedish companies.

football arena 2[]

football arena but sub-models are placed differently.

football arena 3[]

football arena 2 with more stuff.