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Kyril: Hypieti Veererr II is a game made by Thevmedia. It was added to the Unga Wii Shop on August 11, 2012.

Unused text[]

Eh, I can't open this door leading to the living room... What is this!?

The game just uses the default "Cannot open this door." message.

1+5=Your answer?
A guy in his hands is here. By Globe Television

Debug mode seem to exist, but we don't have access to it at the moment.

To be continued in Kyril: Hypieti Veererr III
To be continued in Kyril: Hypieti Veererr IV

These games were not released, but released to the Unga Wii Shop in June 2012. Globe Television's Facebook page does not have it, nor does Thevmedia have it. The release dates were October 29, 2001 for the first one and June 18, 2004 for the next one. The first game in the series, Kyril: Hypieti Veererr, was released on January 5, 1995.