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Lock at that! A terminal!
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John, commonly known as John The Monkey was a monkey originally part of an unknown group of animals. He later betrayed them and became an ally of Alkov Armiv and friends.


John was born to unknown parents.

His history is currently unknown.

In Vanalker's videos[]

Olkov's Farm[]

John first appears in Part 12 as a normal monkey. As he goes around the lab of Repo Beach, he looks at a terminal and says "Lock at that! A terminal!". Alkov answers, and John answers by saying "Thanks!". He is not seen until Alkov ends the full transmission of the terminal (originally a computer) and looks around to see a big group of animals. As Alkov goes away, he asks for John's real name, which John really does. He then wants to be at Olkov's Lab (thus betraying the group he was in at the time), and Alkov takes him as requested to Olkov's Lab.

In Part 13, they have reached the lab and enters it. After checking a broken terminal, Alkov goes away to release John (which because of how animals react to the environment in Zoo Tycoon 2 gets angry) and goes away before Olkov's Lab "explodes". John survived that anyway.

Oddly, he is still present inside the Repo Beach lab in Part 14 - Part 1 (which is where the current biography photo is taken from, as shots featuring him in Part 12 and Part 13 are not considered good enough). The appearance is not mentioned in Animal World's Swedish YaberOlan Wiki page.

Animal World[]

John, along with Alkov, was excepted to appear in Animal World, but this series was cancelled before the recording phase. He was set to be a main character. The first part's brief description does not mention him meaning his exact role in this is unknown.


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