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First Battle of Nartyork (officially Battle of Nartyork, 24 March 2012 or simply Battle of Nartyork, also called The Piton Leaders War) was a battle between Regular Neutral (The Piton Leaders), Friendly Ally (Knight Vader) and some other attack groups that that occurred in Néchåk not so far away from Nartyork, Yurka on March 24, 2012 as part of the Pitonian-Yurkish conflict. A total of 2 868 264 participators were involved with the battle, but only 2 387 695 survived (this includes Olkov Armiv, SBL-31, VBLA-52076, TPCALBV-391 and more...)

The war started in the early morning with Piton troops 1 to 8 attacking the Knight Vader base on Néchåk Island, an island in Nartyork Lake (killing Zan-58 and Rn. Jazm), with Yý Kaoz making the first move. The Piton Leaders made a decision to build a base on the same island, but a little farther away. Once the base was finished, they attacked Knight Vader once again (with troops 9 to 898). This resulted into a war that continued until the last hours of March 24, 2012 when Knight Vader destroyed the Piton Base, resulting into the king of the base Ii.4592 and TYP-61 being killed in the process. The final move was done by BTX-5823.6.

There were a total of 480 569 victims of the war. This includes COBRA RASTER (and most of his friends too), including Regular Neutral member Rn. Johnsáistër and his friends, and a lot of Friendly Ally members that were part of Knight Vader.

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