Dalaviifora (1926-1949 The Film Owners Company) was a film company founded in 1926. They are best known for starting Invasa Pictures Television, which is actually Thevmedia. In 1987, following the name change of the television company, Globe Television changed status from television company to main company and decided to buy Dalaviifora and split the original company into two, the first one being the globe-owned company and the second one Dalaviifora Inc.. In 2011, The Film Company brought Dalaviifora Inc. and discontinued the Dalaviifora brand, and from there on Dalaviifora had been one of the film companies to have it's name gone from television.

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Dalaviifora (fram till 1949 The Film Owners Company) är ett företag 
grundat 1926. Det tillhör numera The Film Company.
== Äger följande företag ==
* Invara Television (1949-1965, därefter Mount Gems 1965-
1985, senare Dalaviifora 1985-)