COBRA RASTER's death - Full Footage is the full footage of COBRA RASTER's death, recorded on March 24, 2012.

The raw file for the video (age2_x1 2012-03-24 12-13-52-79) isn't available. One attempt has been made so far in uploading it but YouTube could not process it for unknown reasons.

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YouTube description[redigera | redigera wikitext]

File name: COBRA RASTER - His death Live

This is the full footage of COBRA RASTER's death. This is the original sound included with the clip when it was recorded. This is the full clip, from the start to the end. A save file saved after COBRA RASTER's death exists, called GDSG. If you cannot read the message I wrote after the accident, it's supposed to say "COBRA RASTER killed. BLACK DEATH activated.".

Original description:

File name: project destroy
Reuploaded video:

This is the full footage of COBRA RASTER's death. This is the only video with it at the moment, I'm working on a version without any text or sound, but the sound included with the video. Therefore I will reupload this one and delete this video, but I will copy the description to the reuploaded one.
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