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Beetle Racers 2 is basically the sequel to Beetle Racers. It was released at the same time as the other one. First released for Olkov Armiv on April 14, 2012 it was later released to the public.

Track box list[]

The menu has a gap between Multiplayer and Options. Value 85 has a line that never made to the final game. Perhaps they planned so, but didn't quite finish the idea.

The text related to the scrapped option (hex: 8A):


That's pretty much it.

* 01 - Bomfuck MC's - Freestyler
* 02 - Vanalker - SVT3 låten
* 03 - Lörsen Jaguro - I want you
* 04 - Beetle Adventure Racing - Credits

All of them work, but no. 2 and no. 3. That one triggers the "red menu" glitch. The BAR Credits song loops forever because that game's music does so. I want you does not work either, it crashes the game. The sound file exists in the game's ROM, but the computer crashes before it can play. The only way to play it is to open OlkovEditor and select Music > Allow Cannot-Be-Opened Sounds. Now it will play the sound for you. Note that the first song has a spelling error (the actual one should be Bomfunk MC's).

Unused Text[]

"racer2text.exe" contains some unused text. The UngaHack 4390-5033-00?? will change the "Build" text (where you can make your own beetles) to any of the following unused. All values not here are used. The following lines are unused and was used when the game was still in development.

abc 123

Filler text found inside the ROM. (Value: 7F)

IiT'S possiblePossiblePIOSSIBLE

This is how a spelling mistake can go. (Value: 9E)

die die fuck idiot

Text written by GtheftA, one of Yurka's most hated people. (Value: 9F)

[Name of Box                             X]
[Text goes here ]

Placeholder box for error messages and tips that were not finished at the time. (Value does not work, but it is 10A)

[Install Error                            X]
[Cannot install game. Refer box manual for more information.]

All text go used but "[", "X]", "[", "game", "Refer" and "]". "game" was change to "Beetle Racers 2" and "Refer" was changed to "Read". "box manual" was altered to say "game manual". (Value does not work, but it is 10B)

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