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Animal World (Cancelled Eye! Series 3) was a cancelled series planned to be made starting from May 2011 by 2th Series Man. For reasons unknown, it was cancelled.


The plot for Part 1 was:

Swedish Translated
Alkov besöker ett djurhem. Men senare kommer han på att något djur har hoppat över en grind och håller på att jaga ett annat djur. Alkov blir rädd och springer jättefort till sitt eget labb. Alkov visits an animal shelter. He soon realizes that some animal has jumped over a gate and is currently chasing another animal. Alkov is terrified and runs very fast to his own lab.

The plot for the entire series however lated changed to "Alkov Armiv is going to visit a zoo, but a few animals escapes and Alkov doesn't know what to do".

John The Monkey was the second protagonist in this series.

Unused text[]

Nothing exists of Animal World in its original form. However, two lines of unused text were written in 2012:

It just could not be like this. That door is locked. How to get outside?

Suggests that a door in the animal shelter that leads to the outdoors was locked, and that Alkov would have to find another way out.

Amhen, what a hell fence.

Is referring to the gate and fence that Alkov is trying to jump over. "Amhen" seems to be "amen" misspelt.