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3D Pipes in Windows XP Service Pack 2

3D Pipes (prior to Windows XP 3D Pipes (OpenGL)) is a screensaver that was included in most Windows versions until Windows XP Service Pack 3, where it made it's last appearance.

When used, a 3D pipe will be drawn in a black environment, and it can be any colour. After a while, a second pipe may appear and so on... After drawing the 3D pipes for a moment, the screensaver will fade out and start to draw new pipes. While it fades out itself, the fade displayed on the screen can differ depending on which version the user has. In Windows XP, the screensaver will fade out like normal, but in Windows 98 for example, pixels are in place of that.

Easter eggs[]

Candy cane pipes[]

The easter egg in Windows XP Service Pack 2

Right-click and click on Properties, go to Screensavers, select 3D Pipes if you haven't already done that. Go to Settings, then change the texture. Click on Cancel, and go back to the scrensaver. Now all pipes have a candy cane texture.

The reason why it does this is because there is a bitmap (107) inside the screensaver itself. When the user clicks on Cancel, the screensaver will set the texture to that.


Two teapots in the Windows 98 version

Go to the screensaver settings for 3D Pipes. Set the joint style to mixed. Look as some joints become teapots. This easter egg was removed in Windows XP.

The code has a variable called BLUE_MOON which is set to 153. It generates a random integer from 0 to 1000 and if it equals 153, it draws a teapot.